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Photo Radar

Increase the safety of traffic routes with efficient and accurate monitoring of Brascontrol's photo radar.

Increased safety for citizens:

The presence of photo radar inhibits the disrespect for the traffic laws by possible violators and it also saves lives. IABD data show that photo radars decrease accidents with fatalities in up to 60%.

Multifunctional Instrument:

A single device can record unequivocally traffic violations for speeding, forwarding red light and stopping on the crosswalk.

Important equipment for urban mobility:

It generates statistical and management reports (for traffic routes) that can be used to improve the city traffic planning.

The photo radar has become a powerful tool for strategic decisions on the city's Urban Mobility.


Brascontrol photo radars are state of the art equipment, approved by INMETRO and able to capture images in high definition for violation notices. These devices help the Traffic Departments and Cities Urban Mobility Departments to keep streets and avenues safe, by controlling the vehicles speed-limit, inhibiting the disrespect to traffic lights and crosswalks.

BRI 4100 is a digital and fixed type radar for electronic monitoring traffic violations related to Speeding, Forwarding Red Light and Stopping on Pedestrian Crosswalk, urban public roads or highways, in an efficient, clear and proven way.

The violation record with all the necessary data for verification is done with an image recorded with digital technology and encrypted, ensuring security and flexibility in its analysis and in the Electronic Traffic Violation Notice generation.

Each violation is recorded with two images, which are captured in less than a second. The collection of images and data can be done remotely, via wireless data communication, with GPRS, or directly on the device with the removal of magnetic media safely and quickly.

BRI 4100 road safety cameras are prepared to operate under any weather conditions, daily, aided by flash or infrared artificial light. The statistical data record of the track (for management) is done continuously, independently of the scheduled times on the equipment for monitoring violations.

BRI 4100 road safety violation cameras are approved by INMETRO and meet all the standards specified by the Brazilian law. Built in a modular shape and packaged in steel cabinet, it allows easy installation in steel column or masonry base as well as rapid deployment in case of use in equipment rotation.

Monitoring equipment for traffic violations reduces traffic accidents in up to 30% and the number of fatalities in traffic accidents in up to 60%. (Source: IABD - Inter-American Development Bank).

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Social Action

The Association supports the Brascontrol Educational and Charitable Valley of Blessing (AEBVB). The project meets each month to more than 2,000 children and adolescents in social risk and abandonment, and assists over 300 families.

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