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Road Safety Camera

Keep up the safe speed on roads with ostensive and intelligent monitoring.

Road Safety Camera

Keep up the safe speed on roads with ostensive and intelligent monitoring.

Ostensive speed reducer

The best alternative technique to reduce vehicle speed at a specific point of the road. Reduction of vehicular accidents.

Drastic reduction in the number of vehicular accidents in the local installation.

Studies show that compliance with the limit determined by Road Safety Cameras reaches 99.9% of vehicles traveling through. *GOLD, Philip A. – Technical Note: Electronic speed monitoring. January 2003

Reduction of running over pedestrians

Considerably reduces pedestrian accidents in places of high pedestrian traffic, such as the entrance to malls, schools, etc.

Important tool for managing the city traffic

The road safety camera is not just a speed watchdog; the equipment acts as an important tool to generate statistical reports of the track, monitor stolen vehicles, inspect vehicles with back taxes, collect data such as average speed of track, vehicle classification by destination, etc.


Acting ostensibly and educationally, Brascontrol road safety camera aids in safety of pedestrian crossings, inhibiting abuse of vehicles speed. The speed bumps have electronic displays to show the driver the actual speed of the vehicle. These devices can be integrated with other systems of traffic control and measure the amount of vehicles traveling through the channels and generate violation notices.

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Social Action

The Association supports the Brascontrol Educational and Charitable Valley of Blessing (AEBVB). The project meets each month to more than 2,000 children and adolescents in social risk and abandonment, and assists over 300 families.

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