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Small Traffic Lights Controller

The best solution for simple intersections having up to four movements.

Satellite Timing (GPS)

This is the most modern solution and necessary for the correct application of the "Green Wave" on the city traffic lights.

Communication via GPRS (mobile phone)

Besides having all the preparation for communication via cable and optical fiber, the Controller also has the option of communicating via GPRS, at a low cost of implementation when compared to the cost of conventional wiring passage.

Controller prepared to centralize in real-time or fixed-time.

It allows connecting the equipment in a central in real-time or fixed-time. The investment is possible to be done in stages, being this the first step in the centralization in fixed time and when the scenario becomes critical it is possible to upgrade to a centralization in real-time without a high cost for this new technology.


Genius is an intelligent traffic controller, indicated for the control of intersections that have between 2 and 4 vehicle and/or pedestrians movements. Its modern system has different schedule for each day of the week and ensures synchronization via satellite, eliminating the cabling infrastructure works.

The controller model BTC 2002 - GENIUS was designed and built specifically to meet the needs of simple crosses (little movement), but with operational features of large controllers, as follows:

Pre-programmed: Its main settings are already programmed into the controller, simply choosing the type of intersection to be controlled to come on stream. This advantage is unique, allows placing the controller running with extreme ease and speed, even without being a specialist.

Smart: Accepts the programming of different traffic plans, recognizes the day of the week, hour, minute and second, allowing the programming of the traffic lights in time according to traffic volume for each day of the week and also for special events, resulting in higher traffic flow, saving time and fuel.

Programmer: The portable alphanumeric programmer makes controller programming easy and fast, stores the complete schedule of various crosses indefinitely, and allows the transport of data programmed, without requiring any connection to the controller or power supply.

Timing: The data communication between controllers ensures synchronized network operation "green wave" and allows interconnection to a Traffic Center, installed in a personal computer for remote management of connected controllers in the city.

GPS Module (optional): The GPS module allows synchronization of all controllers of the city without having to string cables among controllers; the timing is guaranteed via satellite, and is free of monthly charges. Security: All red and green lights are permanently monitored, redundantly, by software and hardware, absolutely inhibiting the emergence of conflicts, and lack of phase and errors in the operation.

Reliability: All controllers are equipped with nonvolatile memories for permanent storage of the programmed parameters, regardless of power supply.

Flexibility: Allows operation in isolation, manual, coordinated, centralized and performed mode, using the pedestrian push buttons and/or vehicle detectors.

Versatility: The controllers have the versatility to drive incandescent, halogen light bulbs and LED (Light Emission Diode).

Self-Diagnosis: The controllers make a self-diagnosis of their operation indicating the occurrence of a failure, important information to make the field maintenance quick and correct.

Clock: All controllers have an excellent accuracy, real time clock, ensuring a smart operation even in single mode operation.

Quick in case of replacement: The "plug-in" type connectors allow a quick and safe replacement of equipment without the need to undo any of the cable connections, eliminating any possibility of wrong connection, common in these cases.

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