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Large Traffic Lights Controller

The smart solution for controlling the traffic lights in urban centers.

“Almost 90% of the Traffic Control Equipment of the Municipality of Diadema was supplied by Brascontrol. We are very pleased with the quality and performance of deployed solutions, and recently began the use of controllers equipped with GPS and GPRS. We believe this is the path to be followed, and Brascontrol keeps serving in an exemplary way.”Architect Antonio Pires Lopez, Head of Traffic Division of the Municipality of Diadema


For intersections with up to 8 vehicles and/or pedestrians movements, BRASCONTROL has developed the BTC 3006 controller (medium size). The BTC 3012 controller, considered for large size, supports the intelligent traffic control for crosses with 9 to 16 vehicles and/or pedestrians movements. Both feature the latest technology with satellite synchronization and data transmission via mobile phone.

Intelligent Controller: Assimilates configurations of different traffic plans, enables the programming of traffic lights according to traffic variations and special occurrences, resulting in increased traffic flow.

Security: All red and green lights are permanently monitored, thus inhibiting the emergence of conflicts, lack of phase or wrong behavior from them.

Modularity: Increases the number of traffic light groups to be controlled by simple addition of power modules.

Reliability: All controllers are equipped with EEPROM-type memory or permanent storage of programmable parameters and real-time clock powered by battery.

Configurability: It has friendly and safe interface, allowing for easy user programming of all parameters that define the performance of the controllers.

Adaptability: Allows configuration designed for atypical situations, such as hospitals, fire stations, parades exits, and so on.

Flexibility: Used to control intersections, from simple to more complex ones, as the user's needs.

Versatility: Allows synchronized operation, with up to 99 controllers per network installed. It can operate in isolated way as slave, or as master of a network of controllers.

Clock: Real time clock with excellent accuracy.

BRASCONTROL electronic controllers for traffic are the most suitable for controlling the traffic lights in your town. The equipment is modern, safe, easy to operate, with low cost of deployment and maintenance. Intelligently controlling the city traffic lights is an easy task for BRASCONTROL traffic electronic controllers, with the ability to schedule appropriate times of green, yellow, red, for each time of day, for each day of the week, and different schedules for dates and special events.

The programming or reprogramming of the configuration and operational parameters is done through the user interface, which is added to controllers in a very safe and friendly way. The memories used in the controllers store data permanently. The adjustment of time used by the controller, depending on the change of volume of vehicles in each time of day can still be done automatically by the controller, with the use of vehicle detection modules.

The versatility in the appropriate configuration of controllers to control simple or complex intersections and several intersections by the same controller is possible with the simple addition of electronic modules. The connection to a control center or synchronized network of controllers guarantees a perfect timing via the data communication among controllers via modem, built into each controller, with a range up to 5 times greater than other systems, without repeaters need for equipment.

The prevention of the occurrence of conflicts or errors in operation by internal or external reasons to the controller is guaranteed by permanent monitoring of all green and red lights. The quick and easy field maintenance is possible by the self-diagnosis performed by the controller and displayed on the LCD display, informing the fault or error detected.

The mechanical packaging accompanied by media and shield cables, suitable for working outdoors, with excellent weather resistance, makes the Installation easy. The electronic traffic controllers BTC 3006 and BTC 3012 use the same electronic modules, differing only in capacity control. BTC 3006 model is capable of controlling up to 8 stages and BTC 3012 is capable of controlling up to 16 phases.

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Social Action

The Association supports the Brascontrol Educational and Charitable Valley of Blessing (AEBVB). The project meets each month to more than 2,000 children and adolescents in social risk and abandonment, and assists over 300 families.

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