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Controlterra SI

Total security for the handling of flammable liquids and gases, against the risk of fire or explosion in your classified area.


Security Issue:
A moving vehicle can generate electric potentials of up to 3,000 volts, resulting from the energy storage static from the friction between the vehicle and the air. In certain situations it is necessary the equalization of this potential against the ground to be made in a controlled and safe way.

What Brascontrol has to offer in the area of ground control?
Brascontrol has developed CONTROLTERRA, model BLD 590, which performs safely and reliably all the tasks related to ground of vehicles, particularly tankers. The CONTROLTERRA does not need adjustments, since its architecture based on micro-controller allows you to perform tasks for self-diagnosis and calibration.

What is ground control?
Ground Control is the means by which it is guaranteed that the potential difference between a certain vehicle and the ground does not exceed an amount considered safe.

Where should I use ground control?
In all situations where the presence of electrical potentials could cause a spark and leading to a fire or explosion, particularly during loading/unloading flammable products where the risks are higher.

What are the risks and disadvantages of a direct ground?
The energy is discharged abruptly and can cause dangerous sparks. You need a daily check on the status of the cables, and thus subject to human error.

How does the Brascontrol BLD-590 ground controller works?
The BLD-590 ground controller measures a characteristic parameter of the vehicle, for example, its capacitance. If tests indicate that the vehicle can be grounded, the BLD-590 automatically performs the equalization of potential.

Can BLD-590 inhibit or stop loading automatically?
BLD-590 has output relays specially provided for the interruption or inhibition of the load, which are automatically activated if any ground fault that endangers the safety of handling is caught.


Product features

Performs all tasks related to vehicles grounding.

Automated equipment that eliminates the possibility of human error in the process.

Guarantees in the event of a spark at the time of first contact between the claw and the vehicle, the spark will be generated inside the explosion-proof box.

Simple installation and low cost.

Performs tasks of self-diagnosis and calibration.

Grounds gradually, without generating sparks.

Continuously monitors the grounding in the loading and unloading process.

Automatically checks if the grounding point of the vehicle you are grounding is in good condition (rusted, painted, etc.)

It operates in the interlocking of the pumps.

Warranty: 24 months.

Inmetro Certificate: MC, AEX-5938.

Marks: BR-Ex d IIB T6.

Installation: Zone 1 and 2.

Dimensions: 285 x 240 x 175 mm

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Social Action

The Association supports the Brascontrol Educational and Charitable Valley of Blessing (AEBVB). The project meets each month to more than 2,000 children and adolescents in social risk and abandonment, and assists over 300 families.

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