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Founded in 1981, Brascontrol started its activities in the field of industrial instrumentation, manufacturing and selling licensed products.

Even in 80's, in partnership with Petrobras has developed the first system of Fuel Loading Automation, with locally developed technology, which was installed at the base of Petrobras in Guarulhos - SP (BAGUAR).

The good results obtained in this partnership led Brascontrol to invest in a line of electronic security products specifically for hazardous area. Nowadays the company features spotlights as Grounding Digital Controllers licensed according to NR10.

Always in line with global trends and innovation-oriented, in 1984 Brascontrol took part in developing the first Digital Distributed Control System (DCS) installed in Brazil, Unipar. In the following years, a number of DCS were implanted in various industries across the country.

However, it was in the 90's that Brascontrol gave its big step toward the future. With the experience gained in the development of instrumentation and systems, Brascontrol has created a line of electronic controllers for urban traffic, thus entering into the segment of Urban Traffic Management. To date this is the main segment of the company's activities.

It is part of the company philosophy to invest in research and development, expanding its line of equipment. Proof of this is the varieties of solutions that the company provides to the market for management and urban traffic control, including the wide range of Traffic Lights Electronic Controllers, Transit Centers, Photo Radar, Road Safety Cameras and other products that are used to improve security and traffic flow.

In 2009, Brascontrol innovated once again by launching the first Traffic Control Center in real-time and developed technology. Thus, the company began operating in an important segment for Brazil: the development of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems).

Currently, Brascontrol is part of a select group of companies operating in the ITS segment in Brazil. In 30 years we have evolved from the status of equipment manufacturer to the position of one of the few companies in the country able to master the technology of a set of control equipment that are interconnected in the same network to perform management and control of transportation systems such as a whole.

For the future we can only ensure that we continue to invest permanently in technological innovations and in our products, in compliance with the strictest quality standards and certifications. In addition, we do this in order to keep one step ahead, providing the best solutions for customers and society.


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Social Action

The Association supports the Brascontrol Educational and Charitable Valley of Blessing (AEBVB). The project meets each month to more than 2,000 children and adolescents in social risk and abandonment, and assists over 300 families.

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